White Bison Ranch

Brand Identity
Brand Extensions
A photo of a flat black metal sign with the White Bison Ranch logo laser-cut from the metal, which is hanging from a wooden fence post by chain links on either side. A country ranch setting is out of focus in the background.
A photo showing a stack of business cards for White Bison Ranch set against a steel surface.An illustrated white bison with the stylized text, "White Bison Ranch" as a logo. Designed by Studio DNVRA photo of the White Bison Ranch circle logo burned into a wood background.

Branding a Bison Ranch

White Bison Ranch raises grass-fed bison for customers looking for a leaner, healthier meat compared to beef.

In addition, owners and partners Jay and Jillian raise chickens, goats, and a variety of other animals on their ranch in Athens, Texas. They also sell eggs, milk, and other products to their community.

A frame image with three photos; the first photo of White Bison Ranch business owners Jillian and Jay, the second photo of one of their goats on their ranch, and the third photo is of a white bison calf.

The Challenge

Jay and Jillian reached out to Studio DNVR to help them with their new business venture, White Bison Ranch. Through our discovery call with them, we uncovered three main priorities for their new logo & brand identity:

  1. They needed a logo that represents the main brand while working as an umbrella for their other products (ie. quail eggs, chicken etc)
  2. Needs to be flexible and scale with the company
  3. Needs to represent quality, natural, and local farm feel

The Solution

To address their needs, we:

  1. Developed a logo with an interchangeable animal illustration, depending on the type of animal product it will represent
  2. Created logo variations for both digital and print applications
  3. Designed the brand with an earthy color palette and gritty texture to represent the small farm life

Logo & Brand Identity


We began our brand identity project by conducting discovery meetings.

We utilized our company questionnaire for our clients to help uncover what makes their company unique, who their target market is, and where they want to go. From that insight we built a strategy to guide the design process.

We researched their competitive landscape which included local and national bison ranches and restaurants selling bison meat—what was unique about the companies they liked/admired, and how could we position White Bison Ranch to stand out and attract their ideal customers.

A photo of an iPad set against a red colored surface. On the iPad is a map showing Texas and a group of logos showcasing White Bison Ranch's competitive analysis from their target market.


With a strategy to guide us, we began our collaborative design process with our clients by meeting to review and discuss visual moodboards.

By gathering their input and surfacing insights from an inspiration level, these moodboards helped identify the essence of the client's ideal brand and we aligned on an art direction.

A photo of two moodboard options to help set the art direction for the White Bison Ranch logo design.

Logo Design

Jay and Jillian wanted to use the ranch's white bison herd as inspiration for the company logo since that is the company's namesake.

White bison are iconic, majestic animals with a storied past and deep ties to this country. The beautiful Texas landscape offered a lot of inspiration for us to use when we started designing their logo.

Two photos of a white bison; the first on the left includes the animals whole body in frame, and the second photo on the left focuses on the beautiful animals' face and head.

We started with a lot of quick sketches to encourage creativity and efficiently explore numerous ideas.

An image of 12 different logo sketches drawn in the design process to create the final White Bison Ranch logo.

To avoid the bison silhouette cliche adorning a majority of the markets' logos, we developed and refined an illustrative style that is ownable and can be applied to their future product lines.

A progressive animated GIF cycling through the final approved logo design's journey from sketch through revisions to the final artwork.

Flexible Logo System

The collaborative creative process undertaken alongside our client helped guide us to the final approved primary logo design.

An image showing two versions of the final White Bison Ranch logo design, one against a cream color background, the other against a dark red background.

Building upon the approved logo, we expanded the brand identity to include alternate variations.

Each variant helps to accommodate the wide array of applications and constraints that logos occupy in today's world.

An image showing a grid of the two different logo variations for White Bison Ranch in columns, one for the primary and one for the circle badge version. Each includes four rows showing (from the top) the full color, full color reverse, 1-color black, and 2-color white variations for each of the two logos, all set against contrasting color backgrounds.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Our logo and brand identity packages include the brand’s visible elements, such as the color palette, brand typefaces, usage guides (safe margins, sizing guide, incorrect usage), and image file explanations.

These guidelines help both the client and any of their vendors or partners in the future work with and display the White Bison Ranch brand identity consistently, effectively, and professionally. This helps create the best impact on current and potential customers.

An image showing four pages laid out evenly of the White Bison Ranch brand identity guidelines.

Brand Extensions

We designed several projects using the new White Bison Ranch brand identity that extend the visual theme to a variety of applications.

Business Cards

White Bison Ranch business card laying on a dark wood table

Social Media

A photo of a human hand holding a smart phone displaying an Instagram story from the White Bison Ranch page of a photo of a white bison calf in a grass field.An image showcasing digital logo assets for White Bison Ranch and how to use them. Includes square avatar, circle avatar, favicon, and usage text.


A photo of a brown "trucker-sthyle" hat with the White Bison Ranch logo printed on the front panel. The hat is set against a cream colored faded background close-up photo of a section of barbed wire on a fence post.A photo of a man facing away from the camera wearing a brown cowboy hat and a white shirt. The shirt has the color version of the White Bison Ranch logo printed on the back side, and the man is set against a red background.A photo of a black insulated travel mug with the White Bison Ranch circle logo printed on it. The mug is set inside a barn next to riding equipment for a horse.A photo of a pair of gloves with the White Bison Ranch logo on them worn by a man in ranch clothing on a horse.

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