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a golden yellow craft beer in a tulip glass with The Foam Line logo screenprinted on it. With a mountain and lake in the background

No Place Like Foam

Nestled in a Rocky Mountain valley, lies the tiny town of Lake George, Colorado. It's here that spouses Andy and Ashley Sparhawk decided to build a brewery, aptly named The Foam Line.

“The Foam Line” is in reference to both the foam that forms in rivers—which fish use to find shelter, oxygen, and food—and a line of foam at the top of a good pour of beer.

"We want to create something for ourselves that we can be proud of and that gives us more control over the decision we make for our young, growing family."

The Challenge

Andy and Ashley reached out to Studio DNVR to help them with their soon-to-be brewery. Through our discovery call with them, we uncovered three main priorities for their new logo & brand identity:

  1. Capitalize on the opportunity to design the brand identity in the early business planning stage so that the designs can be applied to every customer and marketing touch point to come.
  2. Identify the brewery as a destination for the craft beer aficionados, fly-fishers, and those who love the great outdoors.
  3. Don’t exclude anyone; welcome everyone and teach people about beer. Create a family-friendly environment.

The Solution

To address the client's requests, we:

  1. Developed a timeline and schedule for initial brand roll-out to get them set up for social media profiles to start building a following and excitement for when the brewery opens
  2. We took inspiration from Lake George and the surrounding area. Infusing the logo with references from the South Platte river, native cutthroat trout, and Amazonite—a turquoise mineral found in the surrounding mountains.
  3. Created a robust set of Brand Guidelines to empower them to grow their brand as their business grows.

Logo & Brand Identity


We began our brand identity project by conducting discovery meetings. We helped Andy and Ashley answer questions that uncovered what makes their brewery unique, who their target market is, and how to identify their ideal customers.

To achieve this, we reviewed a company questionnaire the clients fill out in advance to create their brand profile, and then researched their company and competitive landscape. With this information we built a strategy to guide the process.


Next, we curated, presented, and discussed visual moodboards with the client. These facilitate a conversation where the client can offer their input about the art direction, and we can surface insights and align on an art direction together.

Logo Design

The fly-fishing theme and the history of Lake George provided ample inspirations for a brand identity design that would help a new brewery stand out in a saturated Colorado beer market.

We started with a lot of quick sketches to encourage creativity and efficiently explore many ideas.

Round 1

In our first logo design review, we presented three polished concepts to Andy and Ashley. While there were certain elements from each concept they liked, none felt like the one.

Round 2

We strive for true collaboration with our clients, and this case study was no different.

Andy and Danny had a great conversation about his vision, after which Andy came back a few days later with a refined set of his own visual moodboards and logo sketches. We welcomed his input and moved forward to design a new concept.

In our Round Two review meeting, the client feedback we collected indicated that this concept was much closer to Andy's vision.

Round 3

For our final review, we presented a finessed concept informed by the previous round of feedback. Andy and Ashley enthusiastically approved.

Flexible Logo System

Through our logo design process and the collaborative creative steps undertaken alongside our client, we arrived at the final approved primary logo design.

We expanded the brand identity system to include a horizontal wordmark, circle badge, ambigram (a monogram that reads the same when flipped), and a trout icon.

This allows for consistency and flexibility in most real-world applications.

Brand Identity Guidelines

These guidelines include the color palette, brand typefaces, usage guides (safe margins, sizing guide, incorrect usage), and image file explanations.

They help both the client and any of their vendors or design partners work with and correctly display The Foam Line's brand identity consistently, effectively, and professionally so that it has the best impact on current and potential customers.

Brand Extensions

We designed several projects using The Foam Line's new brand identity that extend the visual theme to a variety of mediums.

Business Cards

Social Media


Beer & Brewery Mockups

Whether you're a new business (like we are) or an existing brand, Adam and Danny have the skills, organization, empathy, and character to enhance your entire brand strategy — not just offer a a single element like an new logo or web design.

I recommend Studio DNVR because of their organization, professionalism, but mainly their compassion. Adam and Danny's desire to provide our company with the perfect solution and footing for our business to grow.”

headshot of The Foam Line Local Beer co-owner, Andy Sparhawk
Andy Sparhawk
The Foam Line

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