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Studio DNVR co-founders, Danny and Adam, standing in the street with the Denver, Colorado skyline in the background

About Us

Danny Harms


Danny is a lifelong creative thinker and a perpetually curious person. Originally from Colfax, Illinois, his passion for design started at an early age. As a visual learner who excelled at the arts, creativity was a constant outlet for expression, exploration, and comfort. His public school had a great arts program, and after finding success and encouragement there, he studied visual communication design at the University of Dayton in Ohio.

Danny has spent his entire career as a creative professional. He first worked in-house for creative departments at companies—including the Chicago White Sox and the Brewers Association—and now as a Partner of Studio DNVR. He is a huge fan of learning, travel, nature, music, coffee, comedy, books, and gardening. He believes we all do better when we all do better.

Adam Raiola


Adam is a creative problem solver by nature, designer by profession and artist at heart. He grew up in the suburbs of Denver and was constantly active outside to take advantage of Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine per year.

After graduating college in the wake of the 2008 Financial Crisis with a historic shortage of full-time opportunities, he found success as a contract designer. He worked for companies of all sizes, both as an individual and in collaboration with in-house teams. In 2015, he made the leap to moving to Downtown Denver and freelancing full-time.

Skateboarding is a huge part of Adam’s life because it provides a sense of freedom and inspiration. The ability to explore new places while skating encouraged his love of travel. He has had the privilege of visiting 20 countries so far. Experiencing new cultures and meeting people from different backgrounds solidified Adam’s belief that our similarities are stronger than our differences.

Sketches in a notebook of Studio DNVR logo concepts

Why Studio DNVR?

We chose “Denver” as our namesake because it is our home and community. We first met working as designers for the same client, and after some beers and good conversation, we became fast friends.

In 2020, the trajectories of both our careers were upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. Living through a year filled with tremendous loss inspired us to partner up and start our own company.

We are committed to making work that does good in the world. In addition to our neighbors in Colorado, we partner with people all across the country. Our combined 25 years of professional creative experience and diverse set of skills help us create impactful visual communication for clients across a wide range of industries.

Adam and Danny enjoying a beer and giggling at bad puns inside Odell Taproom in Denver.
A circle of text that reads, "We also like to drink craft beer and giggle at bad puns."
The word "DENVER" in bold, dark gray with illustrative "E" characters in place of the "E"s. The first E is Left-E. A furry orange character in the shape of a capital letter E. The second E is Right-E. A purple feathered character in the shape of a capital letter E.

The Es: Studio Assistants

When we started our company in 2020, one of the first things we did was name it. Once we decided on “Studio DNVR,” we had two unused ‘E’ letters. One of our company values is to avoid waste whenever possible, so we knew we had to do something with them.

We created The Es, our official Studio Assistants. There’s Left-E, the curious and analytical introvert who loves a good book, and Right-E, the adventurous and diligent extrovert who loves the outdoors.

Much like Clippy—one of Microsoft’s late-nineties “Office Assistants”—these friendly creatures are here to assist you and enhance your experience.

We Stand For


Enacting positive change


Purpose-driven design


Unity, not division


Profit, not greed


Protecting life on Earth


Equity for all


Building relationships


Supporting community

An illustration of Left-E's orange furry hand, holding a flag with the Earth on it.

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