Modern Training

Brand Extensions
Rebranded Modern Training website on a computer monitor with a blue background designed by Studio DNVR


Modern Training & Development is a company based in Loveland, Colorado that creates Learning & Development training content and offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for clients in industries that include restaurants, retail, logistics, and more.

Discovery & Strategy

We met with Matt (Founder & CEO) and his team to learn about their needs, goals, and the previous website's shortcomings. Through our discovery phase, we revealed 3 key objectives and determined the best way to address them.

Objective 1 — stand out from competitors while feeling at home in the SaaS space.
We created custom illustrations in the brand’s color palette and simplified the layout, allowing the graphics to shine.

Objective 2 — clarify product messaging.
By using a simple illustrative style, we were able to distill complex ideas into an easily digestible form. We highlighted the most important information in order to quickly and clearly communicate the product offerings.

Objective 3 — increase conversion.
We removed unnecessary steps in the user flow by strategically placing clear call-to-action on every page.

Web Design

Modern Training’s original website design overwhelmed users with too much information and no clear user path. They needed a website that better showcased their high quality products.

Website: Before

Website: After

Rebranded Modern Training website on a computer monitor with a blue background designed by Studio DNVR

Style Guide

To keep consistency across the brand, we established a simple style guide for the new supporting colors, typeface, and user interface (UI). We chose a limited palette of hues and balanced them throughout the custom illustrations and UI elements. The design was handed off to Tyler Primmer for web development.


We created dozens of illustrations for the website ranging in size from heroes to icons. Early in the process, we held thorough concept meetings to nail down the high-level details. This helped keep a complex project on track and within budget.

Working with Danny and Adam of Studio DNVR has been a huge boost to our company. They help bring our imagination to life so we can create better content for our clients. I’ve worked with talented creatives before, but the best part of working with Studio DNVR isn’t how great their design is—and it’s world class—it’s that they get our vision quickly. Rarely have we had to ask for changes to any of their designs.”

Matt Nelson
Founder & CEO
Modern Training & Hopsonomy

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