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Brand Identity
Brand Extensions
straight-on shot of a laptop open with the Dark Skyz RVing homepage on the screen and a potted plant in the background
a cellphone with the Dark Skyz RVing website shown on the screenside profile of a Dark Skyz RV sitting in a parking lot with red mountains in the backgrounda Dark Skyz RVing brochure sitting on a wood table

Discover the Stars

Dark Skyz RVing rents high-quality camper trailers to adventure-seekers online. The name refers to the Dark Sky movement—protecting public and private land from light pollution.

By renting a Dark Skyz RV, customers get the opportunity to access remote areas of the country and experience the starry night sky.

a nighttime shot in the mountains with an RV and car along with stars shining in the sky

The Challenge

Through our discovery call with the owners, Jeff and Joan, we uncovered three main pain points:

  1. They were tired of third-party companies taking a piece of their hard-earned profits
  2. They needed to stand out in the crowded marketplace
  3. Customers didn't know what the name Dark Skyz RVing meant

The Solution

To solve the client's pain points, we:

  1. Helped differentiate them from competitors by designing a unique brand identity that matches the professionalism of their products and services
  2. Built a custom website with an integrated RV booking system so they no longer had to rely on third-party marketplaces
  3. Designed a hero image that shows what customers could experience by using the RVs and we paired it with a new tagline, "Discover the Stars"

Logo & Brand Identity


Before rubber meets the road (so to speak), we began our brand identity project by conducting discovery meetings.

We helped Jeff and Joan answer questions that uncovered what makes their company unique, who their target market is, and built a strategy to guide the process.


Next, we curated, presented, and discussed moodboards with the client. This helped identify the essence of the brand by gathering their input, surfacing insights, and aligning on a design direction together.

Logo Design

Both the "Dark Skies" concept and the adventurous nature of the company's plan to help customers access the natural world gave us a lot of ideas to start brainstorming.

a moodboard consisting of a photo of the inside of a trailer looking outside in the woods, a side profile picture of a trailer, and two images of the night sky about mountains with stars shining

When we begin to design a logo, we start with a lot of quick sketches to encourage creativity and efficiently explore many different ideas.

sketches of some logo concepts for Dark Skyz RVing

Then we work internally to create a refined concept (or concepts, in some cases) to review with the client.

two rows of logo concepts for Dark Skyz RVing

Flexible Logo System

We undertake a collaborative creative and design process alongside our client. Through regular meetings to review the design process together, we uncovered insights and aligned on the final approved primary logo design.

Once the primary logo design was approved, we expanded the brand identity to include alternate variations of the logo. Each one helps to accommodate the wide variety of applications and constraints that logos occupy in today's world.

logo system of all the variations of the Dark Skyz RVing logos

Brand Identity Guidelines

Our logo and brand identity packages include the brand’s visible elements, which include the color palette, brand typefaces, usage guides (safe margins, sizing guide, incorrect usage), and image file explanations.

These guidelines help both the client and any of their vendors or partners in the future work with and display the Dark Skyz RVing brand identity consistently, effectively, and professionally so that it has the best impact on current and potential customers.

three pages of the Dark Skyz RVing brand guidelines stacked on top of eachother with a tan background


With the new Dark Skyz RVing brand identity in place, we began to design and develop their website.


We met with the clients to discuss the functional needs of the website and determine what it should to do for the people who visit it.


We first created a sitemap to make sure all pages and hierarchy are accounted for.

a sitemap of the Dark Skyz RVing website

Wireframe & User Flow

We then worked with the client to determine content and goals of each page along with a couple user flows—how the user can accomplish each goal in as few steps as possible.

simple wireframe outline of the Dark Skyz RVing website

Visual Design

The next step was to design the website's visual user interface. This stage includes buttons, colors, photos, illustrations, icons, typography, and layout.

three pages of webpage sketcheswebsite pages of the Dark Skyz RVing website

We illustrated a custom hero image for the brand to display first on the website and later in other brand extensions.

an illustration of a mountain landscape at dusk with stars shining in the sky and a forest in the foreground

To showcase the personal touches of each vehicle in the Dark Skyz RV fleet, we also illustrated representations of each to help customers choose their ideal camping experience.

A laptop on a desk showing the Dark Skyz RVing website designed by Studio DNVR

We integrated the custom illustrations, logo, and brand identity guidelines throughout the design of the website.

Development & Handoff

We develop our clients' websites in Webflow, allowing us better control of the final design and quicker turnaround to market. We make sure it functions as desired along with setting up analytics and search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring the design is responsive, accessible, and optimized for viewing on mobile devices and then publish it live to the world.

We train and empower our clients to be able to make updates on their own and in their own time access to their new website's Content Management System (CMS).

a black laptop sitting on a bed with a cup of coffee next to it. on the screen is the contact page of the Dark Skyz RVing website

Brand Extensions

We designed several projects using the new Dark Skyz RVing brand identity that extend the visual theme to a variety of applications

Business Cards

a stack of Dark Skyz RVing business cards sitting on a concrete ground

Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

a teardrop trailer with Dark Skyz RVinging vinyl wrap on the back, driving down a mountain road with snow-capped mountains in the backgroundside profile of a Dark Skyz RV sitting in a parking lot with red mountains in the background


a stack of white and yellow tshirts folded with the Dark Skyz RVing logo printing on the front of each shirt with a white hang tag attached to the collara blue and white trucker hat with the Dark Skyz RVing logo printed on the front with a yellow backgrounda closed laptop decorated with illustrated RV stickers. the laptop is sitting on a wood table


a Dark Skyz RVing brochure sitting on a wood tablea billboard of a Dark Skyz RVing ad sitting on top of a large brick building with a blue sky

Social Media

a mockup of the Dark Skyz RVing instagram page on a cellphone sitting on a tablea hand holding a cellphone with the Dark Skyz RVing instragram story showing on the screen

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