What is a Brand Identity?

Danny Harms
July 26, 2021

To define the term ‘brand identity,’ let’s break it down:

What is a Brand? 

A brand is your customers’ perception of your company formed from their experiences with it.

Every interaction or touch point a customer has with your company is part of the brand. These include your brand’s products, message, website, actions, media coverage, and culture.

A strong brand can influence potential customers, and over time it can even inspire ‘brand loyalty’ in a person when their perception is consistently positive.

What is a Brand Identity? 

Similar to how individual people each have a personal identity, think of a brand identity as the way in which a company presents itself to the world.  

This presentation begins with your logo and our brand identity design systems also includes elements like colors, typography, graphics, photography, illustrations, textures, and patterns. 

The quality, attention to detail, personality, tone of voice, and professionalism of your company’s brand identity often reflect those same attributes in your business to your current and potential customers.

What is a Logo?

A logo is a distinctive symbol used to identify and represent a company, object, publication, person, service, or entity. A logo is often made of different parts:

We design Flexible Logo Systems allows a brand to achieve visual consistency across all the physical and digital places its logo will appear. This collection of logo alternatives anticipate the challenges that come when “bringing a logo to life” and ensure quality representation of your brand.

We also build our color versions for each of the logo alternatives with 1-color and versions that work on dark or busy backgrounds. This extends the flexibility and adaptability of a Studio DNVR-designed logo and brand identity to more applications and further into the future success of your company.

How Does Studio DNVR Create a Brand Identity?

We work closely with our clients during our logo and brand design process. We collaborate with our them and create personal, effective, and beautiful brand identities that help their companies shine.

Learn more about how we create our clients' brand identities. 

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