Five Reasons You Should Still Use Business Cards

Danny Harms
July 26, 2021

Over my 13 year career as a creative professional in some capacity, for each job I held I had a business card. It was a given that every employee at each organization got this tool once they started their job.

Lately, I find some people question the value of what they perceive as an 'old-fashioned' expense and practice. Some question if paper business cards are still a worthwhile investment when QR codes and smart phones proliferate.

We at Studio DNVR strongly recommend using printed physical business cards for professionals and small business owners for the following five reasons.

Five Reasons You Should Still Use Business Cards

1. Makes a Personal Connection

A literal personal touch, handing someone a business card that they need to store somewhere out of common courtesy creates a powerful human connection.

2. Provides Better Contact Information Retention

While smart phones can scan and store your contact information, that data can be easily forgotten with all the other distraction that comes with the device. Giving someone your information directly to hold on to makes it more likely they will remember and call you later.

3. Strong Brand Identity Touch Point

Small businesses are competing with the vast visual information overload of our current advertisement-dominated landscape and devices. This means every opportunity to make a brand connection—with even one person—is a valuable chance to strengthen your brand.

4. Makes You Appear More Professional

Using a well-designed, quality-printed business card shows you took the time and money to hire someone professional to do so.

5. Printing is Simple and Affordable

There are many printing vendors available, either a print shop in your community or many options online. We use because they offer great paper, ink, and special printing features for an affordable price at small runs and ship directly to us.

While some cite the use of paper and shipping as an environmental harm and reason to forgo business cards, we believe when each card goes to good use, its impact is small enough to be negligible when considering the value this printed paper provides your business.

Design & Print Business Cards

We recommend all of our small business owner clients to hire us to design business cards in their brand identity guidelines. We also use them frequently in our own jobs and find it is the best way to make a 1-on-1 personal connection to your business.

We provide business card design services and print management for all business professionals.

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