Case Study

Hopsonomy Brand Identity

An illustration of two people cheersing with the Hopsonomy logomark above them

The Strategy

Hopsonomy is an online learning path to teach employees to pair beer with people. Businesses use Hopsonomy to train their teams about craft beer to increase sales, improve customer experience, and keep up with changing industry trends.

The original brand identity for Hopsonomy was confusing to potential customers, who at first glance might mistakenly assume the company specialized in the actual hops ingredient.

We built a new visual identity around two major themes:

  1. Provide approachable, practical craft beer education
  2. Increase craft beer sales


Modern Training & Development, Inc.


Art Direction
Logo & Brand Identity
Web Design


Web Development:
Tyler Primmer

Original brand identity

Art Direction

It was a pleasure to work with Matt Nelson and his team at Modern Training—where design is a highly-valued aspect of business—to develop and create a whole illustrated “universe” of the objects, people, scenes, and icons used to create both marketing and course content.

After several strategy meetings, we chose a simple, minimalistic  illustration direction that was versatile and fast to produce without sacrificing quality, clarity, or charm. This achieved several results:

  • Hopsonomy stands out from its beer education competitors
  • Makes the training approachable (the complexity of craft beer can often intimidate beginners)
  • Keeps concepts simple, clear, and digestible to make lessons stick
  • Speeds production to meet the need to make hundreds pieces of artwork for courses and marketing materials
  • Improves accessibility with an all-new responsive website and enhanced user experience/user interface (UX/UI)

New Logo & Brand Identity



Course Designs

Matt’s team uses the characters, objects, backgrounds, and icons we illustrated to create Hopsonomy learning content to teach about craft beer.


Course Covers

Badges & Avatars

Email Marketing

Social Media

Business Items

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