2019 Great American Beer Festival

Case Study

A poster ad on display outside for the Great American Beer Festival 2019. The poster design is an illustration of a woman with a beer glass, wearing glasses that read, "Beer Love".

The Event

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is the American brewing industry’s top public tasting opportunity and competition hosted by the Brewers Association. 60,000+ attendees from around the world taste 1 oz. pours of over 4,000 different beers from over 800 of the nation’s finest breweries.

Art Direction

The Great American Beer Festival is a huge, collective effort that requires lots of planning and coordination. We worked closely under the direction of the Brewers Association in-house creative department to create hundreds of design pieces for the marketing and experience of the festival—focusing on the theme of “Beer Love.”

This was a time we felt to bring people together for a


Brewers Association


Campaign Logo & Brand Identity
Environmental & Wayfinding
Media/Press Kit

Campaign Logo & Brand Identity

To commemorate the event, build hype, and enhance the attendee experience, a unique “look & feel” style guide is developed. This is used by the Brewers Association across all GABF projects to create strong brand cohesion and visual impact.

Marketing & Advertising

Media/Press Kit

Environmental & Event

Experience Guide

Festival Wayfinding

In 2019, the brewery booths at GABF were reorganized to arrange breweries by region. We designed a new way finding signage system that relied on strong distinctive visual elements to help attendees more quickly navigate the festival hall.

Apparel & Merch


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